Friday, August 30, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I TOTALLY took advantage of this and got the GORGEOUS Brushed Metals Collection of nail polishes for $3.49 each:

Brushed Metals Image Search!

Brushed Metals Nail Enamel $3.49

And also got two sets of hand cream/nail polish for just $3.99 each!!!

Hand Cream and Nail Polish - Both for $3.99! Save $7


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Monday, August 19, 2013


Thank you, God, for the concept - no, not just the concept, but the ATTAINABILITY - of change and growth and the renewing of the mind.

I think the last time I was truly stuck, mentally, was in my early 20's. It was a time when I could not be told anything new, could not be convinced that my decisions were poor, and could not even SEE how ridiculous my thinking was, or how absolutely horribly I had chosen to live my life...

Have you ever told yourself a lie for so long that you actually start to believe it?  

Though one might think it's better when you realize how stupid you've been, recognizing when you're about to do - or are actually doing - something you're not supposed to do, how much better could it be if you actually KNOW you're doing something wrong yet STILL choose to do it anyway?!?

I guess that would make you a different kind of stuck...

Now that I think about it, it's probably even worse. Now it becomes an act of absolute will, a conscious refusal to defer to your better judgement or instinct, making you...rebellious!!!

Oh, no, I a rebel?! See, this is a problem because I know for a FACT that I was super rebellious as a younger, entirely unsaved person. Though, there was not much structure or healthy discipline in our household, I still found ways to rebel. I had much 'tude and was quite outspoken. Questioning everything and everyone. And I (have the nerve to) wonder where my kids get it from...sigh...

However, once we've reached a certain age, AND have had a certain amount of exposure to Christ, being in a place of rebellion is EXTRA dangerous. Again, because we know better. But also, because "rebellious Christians" tend to require something super major and drastic to snap them out of their willful stupidity.

Personally, I have ZERO interest in drastic measures having to be taken in order to set me back on the right path. I'd rather check mySELF so that life doesn't have to...


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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara in Black

Good afternoon, darlings!

I promised my sister-Avon Rep (Rose Powell - Avon) that I'd do a review on Avon's new Mega Effects Mascara. This was given to me for free in exchange for my HONEST review.

Truthfully, I've been dreading this assignment. The pictures of the brush alone gave me pause. I'm always down to try a new mascara, but THIS was not one I was willing to pay $10 to try.

Here are some pictures of the product:

The box:

The outside instructions Page 1: 

The outside instructions Page 2:

The package outside of the box:

The Handle:  

 The Brush:

EEEK!! See that brush!?!

In my mind, I was about to make myself blind and have mascara smothered all over my eyes...

Ok, I started by curling both my eyelashes, even though I only intended to wear the mascara on ONE eye to do a comparison. After bending the handle to my desired angle (bends both ways) and then applying my first coat, I'd already decided I hated it. It didn't GOOP all on my eye like I expected, but there didn't seem to be a possibility for me NOT to get some of it on my lid and under my eye. Plus, there didn't seem to be much of a difference made in the look of my lashes with one coat.

I let the first coat sit for a few seconds and then used a pointed Q-Tip to clean up around my eyes. I expected a smeary mess while cleaning up and was very PLEASANTLY surprised to find that was not the case at all. The mascara cleaned up about as easily and cleanly as wiping away drops of water. It's like Avon KNEW it'd get all over our eyes and formulated it specifically not to adhere to the skin! LOL!

Now it was time for my second coat. I brushed and brushed and brushed through my lashes to get the desired separation and the brush was doing what I wanted it to do without clumping - big plus (and surprise)! The difference in my lashes was more than noticeable now! For some reason, that is my normal experience with Avon mascaras. The first coat is always, ehh, but once that second coat goes on, fabulous!

Here are my lashes, curled, without any mascara:

Here are my lashes with two coats of Mega Effects (no other makeup or eyeliner was applied). I didn't clean up that little rim just above my lash line because that is where I would normally apply some eyeliner:

As I started to write this, when my eyelashes were super dry, I decided to see what a third coat of mascara would do...:

 Notice it's a little clumpy, but I believe that's due to the fact that my lashes were totally dry. I didn't want to keep raking the brush through the drier mascara at the risk of pulling out any lashes. Interestingly, there was absolutely NO mess to clean up after applying this third coat.  However, and this is crazy, when I put my glasses back on, my lashes were touching the lens! I had to wipe some mascara off of it and set my glasses a little farther away from my face so that my lashes wouldn't keep brushing up against them. As the lashes dried and settled into a curl, they no longer hit my glasses but were still significantly longer.

This is one of those mascaras that I can see being easier to use with time. No mascara on earth is fun to wear when it's super duper wet. After a few uses and the formula begins to dry, almost any mascara can become more user friendly.

What I don't like:

  • You simply won't be able to apply this without having to clean up afterwards (may not be the case as the product gets drier)
  • Doesn't necessarily provide a ton of volume

What I love:

  •  Cleans up quickly
  • Doesn't clump: not while you comb through to get your desired separation, and not even when you apply multiple coats (just don't let your lashes get too dry between coats)
  • Applies evenly
  • Provides significant lengthening
  • Doesn't leave my lashes feeling super stiff or brittle
  • Though I'd gotten product in my eyes during application, my eyes did not become irritated.

Final Thoughts:

While I expected a completely negative experience with this mascara, I am pleasantly surprised to say that there is more good to say about it than bad. Do I think it's worth the $10 price tag? Honestly, no. I believe Avon will have to put this baby on sale for perhaps half price if not for around $7 to justify my purchasing it again (which I would do). I think it would work fantastically paired with a waterproof mascara to extend the wear and/or to minimize "melting," particularly in the summer months.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara can be purchased online at: Avon Mega Effects for $10.

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XOXOXO - Jessika