Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Longest Day EVER

Whoever God put in charge of time today must have been napping through it because the minutes and hours have been dragging so very slowly. It wasn't just I who thought so either!

This past weekend, my sister came to visit. Being the nerd that she is,  she literally suggested to me based on random comments I made regarding messy closets that we organize two of my closets right there and then...and we did! We were very nearly done when she left and I kinda felt badly that that's all we basically did besides eat. Next visit, I hope to do something more fun - though I did kind of have fun getting rid of junk we didn't need and making much needed room in those two closets. It makes me feel so proud every time I open it to see it so neat and put together (one of the closets belong to me and the other is my husband's, so I only open mine daily).

I'm also participating with her in a weekly journal - of which she actually made me a personalized one! - where we answer randomly picked questions and make hand-written journal entries out of them. I noticed she's answered some on her blog...I need to ask her if she's also writing it in her journal or if she's printing the online versions out and pasting them into the book! That wouldn't be fair, Roxy, if that's what you're doing by the way!!!! :)

I don't have the prettiest handwriting in the world. Ok, it's two shakes from being entirely illegible, so embarking on this weekly task didn't appeal to me at first. I was, however, very much intrigued by getting a pretty and personalized journal from my sister and finding out what kinds of questions would be asked. Because I didn't get the journal until Saturday, I was two weeks behind. In order to catch up, I have already created three entries. Here were the questions:

If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be?
Are you trustworthy; can you keep a secret?
What has had the biggest impact on how you choose to live your life?

If anyone is ACTUALLY interested in knowing how I answered these, please let me know, and I'll provide summaries of how I answered.

Happy Tuesday!

Until next time,




  1. First of all, let me say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post... No, not just because I am the "topic" of discussion for the most part, but because, I dunno, I did! So there!

    Closet Organization: It entirely appeals to me to make people happy. Your random comments, though to most would seem simple and perhaps something they'd overlook, made me realize that it was something that was bothering you, and though it bothered you, you just didn't think you could muster up the energy or excitement to complete the task on your own. So I offered to assist. For more than one reason... One, I enjoy cleaning and organizing and in your home (though I learned we share some of the same similar issues), you don't have little people constantly going in behind you and messing things up. Two, you made your "random" comments, a cry for my help ;-) and three, it was really about you, helping you, making you happy in your space! Please don't think that it wasn't FUN for me, because I left after, I really enjoyed it and the time spent with you.

    My Jarnaling is your Jarnaling.... To answer your question, I've shared a couple on my blog because I found them interesting enough to share on my blog, a way to expand on the jarnal entry because, well, because writing about it wasn't quite enough. I am in no way typing and printing and pasting! That does and would defeat the purpose of my beloved handcrafted jarnal!

    Your handwriting IS NOT as awful as you make it out to be, I say you share a sample on your blog and get the thoughts of your readers. I like your handwriting, thank you very much!

    A summary would be interesting to read. I want to know if you've thought about and expanded on the AGE question. Because I remember you saying that you might have to go back and ponder on that one some more.

    Ps. I love you Sis and Happy Wednesday to you! xo

    1. Ha! It did come all the way through after publishing! Whattya know? LOL!

      Thank you for being such a loving sister, for caring to delve deeper into my random comments and going the extra mile to make me happy. Who would have though in a million years that you and I would be so in love with each other in the long run! LOL! You really are a blessing to me in more ways than one!

      Just because you asked, I will share a lil' sumthin' sumthin' on my answers:).


  2. I'm so happy, because though I would have tried to recreate my response, it would have never been the same... I was so afraid! Who knew? We DID NOT like one another when we were younger did we? Amazing how life can really make you grow up and see the light! Or see the LIKE LOL!!!! I love you big sister! More than you know.