Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Journal Questions: Week Three Catch-Up

Who has had the biggest impact on how you choose to live your life?

My ACTUAL written journal entry, retyped below:

I think for many, many years, the answer to this question was, "My kids." I'd decided after years of dating and getting hurt by loser after loser, that it was the love and desire for a better life and example for my children that caused me to seek a better "me," spiritually and emotionally. It was on this journey that I discovered I needed Jesus in my life.

Now, God has the greatest impact on how I choose to live my life. It is my dislike of disappointing Him that convicts my heart and makes me want to do better. Knowing that He sees and expects better of me than I do myself, is inspiring.

I desire to be calmer, humbler, a better steward of money, a more giving wife and mother, selfless, unentitled, generous, kind, compassionate, PATIENT, a speaker of GOOD THINGS, a builder-upper, and a most desirable friend and confidante.

I also want to love myself as much as God loves me, because doing so makes it so much easier to love and accept others unconditionally.

In Jesus' name, Amen!

I'll be answering my fourth-week question on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Until next time,

XOXOXO - Jessika

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