Thursday, June 20, 2013

Money in My Closet


I've made a decision about my ridiculous collection of handbags. I'd already down-sized, quite significantly, a few months back (like maybe 30 to 40 of my faux-leather bags were given away, for FREE!), however, I wasn't as willing to give up the large number of my leather bags (though I did give away two).

As much as I'm all about giving, a LOT of money was spent on bags that were hardly if ever actually carried out of the house! I believe it would be more wise of me to instead put them up for sale and get at least SOME money back.

The hardest part, I'm sure, will be in deciding which bags have to go. Sigh. I've never sold anything online before either, so it's going to be interesting to see how it goes. Fortunately, the merchandise I'm trying to get rid of is in like-new if not brand new condition.

I think I will also post the bags I have for sale in my blog, too, just in case some mystery reader happens to stumble onto my blog and want to make a purchase. I'm almost more excited about that aspect than the Ebay route. Not sure why!

Anyway, please be on the lookout for my very first "blog sale!"

Pray for me, please!

Until next time,

XOXOXO - Jessika


  1. I'll want a bag or two, I know its a big step for you. What made you want to downsize? Love you! I believe in you! xo

    1. Well...honestly, I'm tired of the mess in my closet. Nearly half of our walk in closet is covered in handbags and I barely use them. I'd rather get some money back and either save it or use it for something I REALLY need! Thanks for the vote of confidence:). You're the bestest! XOXOXO