Friday, June 28, 2013

(Nail Polish) Test and (Zimmerman) Trial

As I suspected, my little "test" of similarly colored nail polish didn't last past the day of my last post. I'd received a box from that contained three new CG Outlast Nail Glosses, one of which, Eternal Oceans, grabbed my immediate attention! That coupled with the fact that I didn't like the way my cuticles were looking, caused me to take the polishes off so that I could work on my cuticles and apply the new polish. Eternal Oceans...oh a super duper gorgeous "blurple" that would qualify as my favorite "indigo" nail polish, were I to do a Colors of the Rainbow tag featuring all nail polishes! On my ring fingers, I added a couple of layers of Milani's One Coat Glitter polish in Twinkle, which features blue and purple glitters - LOVE!

I've been watching live video feed of the Zimmerman trial. I've already got an opinion on what happened and what I think should happen as a result. This case has made me appreciate those crime shows where they have two people tell their sides of the story and a case plays out but at the end they show things exactly as they really happened for the viewers' sake. I'm thinking of one show in particular but I can't recall the name of it...if you know it, TELL ME NOW!!! :)

I think Zimmerman should have kept his nosy behind in his car and kept it moving. I think he pursued Martin, Martin asked him why he was following him, Zimmerman asked what he was doing around there, and that egos flared up fast - though I think that Martin had already felt threatened because he was being followed - and that when they fought, Zimmerman got his behind handed to him and started to panic, therefore, what he couldn't do with his fists, he did with a gun.

At the VERY least, this wannabe cop should serve time for manslaughter. He should have ended his actions that night with the phone call to "report a suspicious person," AKA, "report a young man walking while black after dark," and then gone home. He went against all instructions NOT TO PURSUE and pursued anyway. His ego got in the way of his common sense, and now he's on trial...

He should be made to pay for what he did, if for no other reason than to humble him and make him think twice about his never-to-be-fulfilled-aspirations of becoming a law enforcement officer. GOD FORBID he should get off after all of this. It may make him even worse...

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XOXOXO - Jessika

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