Tuesday, October 16, 2012


In the last two to three weeks I've been overcharged at Food Lion, Wal-Mart - TWICE, Walgreens and CVS.

The overcharges weren't major, but they went as follows:

Food Lion (about three weeks ago): I bought two packs of cookies that were "on sale" at two for $5; one rang up at $2.50, the other at $3.89. I took my receipt and the item to customer service and was given a full refund and the item to take home for free. Didn't expect that!

Also at Food Lion (two Wednesdays ago), though this doesn't qualify as an overcharge because I caught it before it could be: I saw a sale sign on large raw shrimp that was buy one pound at $10.39 and get one free, but, as he was scooping the shrimp to weigh it, he did it from a section that listed the item on "sale" for $12.99/lb (still buy one lb get one lb free). When I noted it to the clerk, he said, "Oh, the $10.39 sign is old and it's wrong." Like he was going to get away with charging me $12.99. I said, "That's unfortunate, because I expect to be charged $10.39 per pound - and I think you guys should take that sign down." He adjusted the pricing for me.

Wal-Mart (two Sundays ago): I bought a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen on clearance for $1.00 (big RED $1.00 sticker on the side) and a jug of Simply Lemonade at what the SIGN said was $2.00. The nail art pen rang up at $7.00 (full price) and the lemonade at $2.50. I didn't notice as it was scanning, so I went all the way home and had to come back for my refund.

The customer service lady was quick to cut me off to say, "Oh, it's $2.50," when I started to tell her I was overcharged for the lemonade. I explained that the sign said $2 and she said, "I'll go check but I get it all the time and it's $2.50." Nevertheless, she saw the sign, figured the price "might be going down" and she didn't know it - but she "doubted it."

Also at Wal-Mart (yesterday): I bought Salada Green Tea t $2.32 and it rang up at $2.86.

CVS (last Wednesday):  I bought some "Just the Basics" facial cleansing wipes at $3.19, buy one get one 50 percent off. They both rang up at $3.19 each.

Walgreens (Saturday): I bought a Wet n Wild lipstick at $1.99 and it rang up at $2.99.

I HIGHLY recommend you guys take a closer look at what you're buying (if you're not already doing so), what the signs say the prices are, and what actually IS being charged as you're being rung up. And if you find you ARE overcharged, even if it's only a few cents, and even if you don't realize it until later, GO BACK AND SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT! GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

I don't think this is all "just coincidence." I think it's possible that retailers are purposely allowing stuff to ring up at higher prices in order to take advantage of their too-busy, too-much-in-a-hurry customers. They are depending on us to say, "It's only a little bit, no big deal, not worth the hassle of going back to customer service." Or maybe I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist:). I've only JUST started rechecking my receipts so God only knows how much money I've freely "given" to retailers because of this deception.

Those "few cents" here and there can really add up (and ARE adding up - for THEM!) - but if enough of us are checking our receipts and holding retailers accountable for their "mistakes," we may be able to get them to stop with their shenanigans!

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