Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with my job. I am enormously grateful to have been blessed with employment income, as I know that there are many that are without. Please forgive me for every single negative or seemingly ungrateful word, thought or action I've said/done while on my job and especially ABOUT my job, because I should always know better.

Lately, I have been incredibly challenged at work. You are always with me, God, so I know that You know exactly what I'm talking about. I know it isn't my place to ask, "Why?" as I'm sure that there is a purpose for it all. However, I must ask that You please help me to better respond to the issues that seem to be rearing their ugly heads here more and more often.

What is the lesson here, God? How do I respond to these situations? What is it that you're preparing me for exactly?

It seems ridiculous for me, a most inconsistent person, to request that there be some consistency at my place of employment, I know. But You know that I am someone who likes to feel that when I'm asked a question, I'd like to be able to give a confident response without having my response overturned by someone else because it's easier on them to do that than it is to back me up. In other words, it is my desire that my superiors consistently go for the "hard 'no' as opposed to the easy 'yes.'" Is that too much to ask?

Father, I would like to think that I am good at what I do. I don't really hate the work I'm doing even though it doesn't challenge me intellectually as much as it does emotionally. I like being able to help people and working hard has never been a problem for me - You made me this way. I simply request that if and when I do what I know to do at work, that I am consistently backed up by my superiors so that I'm not made to look like I don't know what the heck I'm doing anymore. I want to do my job correctly and professionally on a very consistent basis.

Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer.

In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN...

Until Next Time,




  1. I knew this impacted your emotions, but I suppose what I didn't realize was how deeply it impacted you, I stand corrected, I did realize, I admire your ability to take each challenge, no matter the size and with confidence take it up to God. Something that as of late, I've been challenged with, because there are times when I just don't understand what all these blessings (good and bad, however they are viewed at the time)mean. I'm so proud of the Godly woman you've become, an admirable change... I love you and I pray that he does answer this prayer, because you've dedicated a lot of time to your company, division, department and to helping each and every ONE of those knuckleheads that put their travel in your hands.

  2. Thanks, Roxy. I appreciate the positive feedback from you and from Mom regarding my "evolution" as it were because you two know first hand who and how I was from the very beginning. That you guys can see the difference, not only in my writing, but also when with me in person, is a true testimony of the goodness of God in my life. Mom's right in that if God can work this well on ME, He most certainly can work on ANYONE! LOL! LOVE YOU! XOXOXO