Monday, July 1, 2013


I feel inspired to write because my husband just got around to reading The Blessed Throw Up and he said he thought it was funny. It made me happy inside:).

This morning didn't start out so well for me. It appears I had much more fun this weekend than I thought, because I forgot the password to my work computer. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, so I decided to use the "new feature" we just got to obtain self-help on our password resets. This made me happy because the old way of resetting your password required a call to the help desk to get a ticket put in so that an admin can send an email to your SUPERVISOR with your temporary password to then be given to you by said supervisor. So I go about getting the automated process started, and the reset screen takes 300 seconds to load. Finally, I put in my user id and the system tells me my user id does not qualify for self help so I need to use another one or call my system admin...


I called the system admin and asked him why the automated system didn't work. His only answer was, "Sometimes you still have to call us because it doesn't work." an added bonus, neither of my supervisors were in yet, so I let the super-loud admin person know that. He happily stated that my request would be marked urgent and sent to my local admin person to be completed faster "so you can be happy." Ok...

An HOUR later, I still  haven't received any help. Tired of twiddling my thumbs and playing with my phone, I call them back and let them know I'm still locked out. This different admin says he can send an email to one of my colleagues - great! Why didn't the other guy suggest this???!! I asked one of my office besties if I could use her email and she said yes. Not 10 seconds later she gets the email and is printing it out for me. Interestingly, five minutes later, I got a call from the "local" admin telling me that "all I have to do to get a new password..." (his words being translated here...) is basically leave the lazy comfort of my office chair, go to the sixth floor of my building and pick one up. :/ Thank GOD I was already helped because I was ready to do all kinds of complaining. I told him his assistance was no longer needed, but thanks.

I allowed this silly situation to annoy me so when my hubby called me from my fave breakfast place near our office to ask what I wanted, he could tell I wasn't feeling too great. However,  In the time it took him to order our breakfasts and walk down the street to our office, I had already watched this: BET Awards Performance: Tribute to Charlie Wilson, was on my second listen while working and grooving in my seat, smiling! 

Music really is a sort of magic...

Needless to say, I've been feeling pretty good all day. I've watched the above performance like 10 times, plus I listened to a bunch of non-offensive Charlie Wilson songs on YouTube all day.

How was YOUR day?

Until next time, 

XOXOXO - Jessika

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