Friday, November 8, 2013

The Inspirational Manicure

My sister recently posted something on her blog that she called "Manicure Monday." That was sort of a wake up call to me because for goodness sake, I'm the nail person, not her! LOL! I am proud of her for taking better care of her hands and nails, and for starting to actually enjoy showing them off! But pride was not the only thing I felt while reading the post. I felt...inspired! There's really no reason whatsoever that I shouldn't be doing something like that every once in a while, particularly when I don't feel like I have something substantial to write about. I change up my nail color at least once a week, sometimes twice (sometimes three times...:/); why not share what I used at the very least? Girls like to see nail stuff, right? :).

Anyway, I REALLY hope she keeps it up; I REALLY enjoyed seeing that on her blog!!! (HINT HINT ROSE!!!)

I recently purchased a bottle of DeLore Nails Organic Nail Polish Dryer (oil) from Amazon that when used, really tore my cuticles up. I'd gone months without cutting or removing my cuticles just by using my DeLore oil and Nutra Nail Growth Formula several times every day. This is on top of regular lotion application, of course, and pushing my cuticles back once a week. But, something was off with the bottle I got from Amazon. The oil was more watery than I remembered it being the last time I'd bought it, and with a week of use, it really started to dry out my cuticles. They got so rough and ugly that I resorted to cutting them again just to start over.

I figured I received a fake so I ordered another bottle from to compare. As I suspected, the oil I got from Walgreens was thicker, though still not quite as thick as I last remembered it. It worked well - definitely quickly and obviously enough to confirm that the one I got from Amazon was fake. However, after ordering it again from my original retailer,, I believe that the oil has indeed gotten thinner. Not watery by any means (like the one from Amazon), but definitely not as super thick. I remember thinking about how annoying the thickness of the oil was because there was always a bit of it left at the bottom that I couldn't quite coax all the way out (unless I left it in the car on summer days to make it melt even more, making it super watery). I'd also complain to myself about how quickly the bottle would run out because of the thick consistency of the oil. Maybe they think they're improving it by thinning it out, but I don't agree. They should have just made a bigger bottle!

Enough about that.

I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of writing because I feel like I'm facing a "Use or Lose" type of situation here: if I don't keep writing, I may lose my ability to do it as well as I was born to do it...yes, I said it. I believe I was born with a natural gift, and that gift is writing. Please know I am not the bragging kind; I'm stating fact. I've interacted with people over email from all walks of life, professionals, college graduates, etc., and I've come to realize that writing well is not something that can be taught. Maybe I'm wrong; maybe it can be taught, but not easily learned...whatever the case may be, I believe it is a gift, and I don't intend to waste it...

Until next time,

XOXOXO - Jessika

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