Monday, August 6, 2012

Lovely Weekend

I don't have much to say today, only that my weekend was truly blessed. I got to spend some real one on one time with my sister...I cannot even think about the last time that even happened...Rose, if you're reading this, HAS this ever happened?! LOL!

Actually, way back in the early 2000's, my sister and I lived right across the street from each other and I do recall spending time with her, though our kids were usually if not always present (we were kid-free this weekend! Yay!). Before one of us moved away, we used to take turns cooking for each other on a very regular basis. Funny thing is, I didn't even think about that fact while she was here this weekend, yet, when I saw her, I naturally wanted to cook something for her. You don't understand: I DON'T cook! I already planned earlier in the week that we'd go out to eat! Yet, before I even formulated a complete thought about what it was that I was doing, I found myself marinating chicken for her to eat...hmm...I wonder what THAT'S about!

We went through my polishes and makeup and she showed me how to apply eyeshadow, which is something I suck at and therefore rarely if ever do. We then went to a place called Hobby Lobby and found out some more things about each other simply by perusing the aisles. She and I discovered we had even more in common than we thought we did as we gravitated toward the same types of knickknacks and decor. HOW did this happen?!!!

I can't believe after all these years, the majority of which were spent living totally separate lives, we could come together at this stage and find out that we have so, so, SO much in common! She is easy to be around and to talk to and I can't wait for the deeper discoveries that lie ahead for us as our relationship continues to grow to a place that it has never been before...

Again, I am truly blessed!

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