Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Husband Is My Best Friend

I logged into Facebook this morning and noticed one of my friends liked a photo posted on a page called "My Husband is my Best Friend." The photo was of Ice Cube and his wife. I was intrigued by the title of the page so I thought I'd check it out because it also sounded like something I could "like" and keep up with from time to time...

There were several celebrity couples pictured, but also a lot of pictures of regular people, which I liked - even though we have absolutely no idea whatsoever what kind of marriages the celebrities or regular people actually have.

And then...a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Johnson, AKA Ochocinco and Evelyn from Basketball Wives. That did it for me; I stopped perusing the page.

I don't mean to be judgmental; I really and truly don't. However, I do take marriage very seriously. It only took the one and half episodes I watched of Basketball Wives recently to see that what those two have agreed to is not a marriage at all, let alone one in which Chad and Evelyn can be considered best friends. It can't last.

There are just some things best friends won't do to each other - and that includes MARRYING if they know they won't be able to commit to being with each other, and only with each other, every day for the rest of their lives. A best friend won't marry you even if you say that you'll be "ok" with them cheating on you on a regular basis because a best friend will see right through your desperation and instead opt to protect you and your dignity by honoring you and the friendship by saying, "NO."

But, then again, I guess it's possible for two amoral beings to be best friends and marry each other and have an existence in which just about anything goes and still live happily ever after...who knows?

However, in the real world, where normal people live, not every marriage is qualified to be defined as one in which the husband and wife are best friends - and it's not something that can be easily identified just by looking at a photograph. In fact, though I'm not an expert, I'm comfortable saying with reasonable certainty that best-friend marriages are RARE.

So, I'll have to pass on "liking" and following that Facebook page. They've missed the mark in MY book...

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