Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Something I've Never Done...

I received my first Julep Maven subscription box about two weeks ago (for a penny!), and in it was two nail polishes and a foot cream. Their nail polishes are given women's names, which I think is super cool, and I was sent Courteney (key lime green creme) and Hayden (neon peach creme). I ADORE these colors! I didn't realize just how much until yesterday.

It was time for me to redo my nails, and after looking through my 50-plus colors, I just couldn't commit to any of them. I was still, am still, very much enamored with my Courteney and Hayden; so, for the first time EVER, I RE-APPLIED the exact same colors on my nails!

You just don't understand how not-normal that is for me! I am a girl who loves to change things up on the regular because I get tired of stuff pretty quickly, especially my nail color. For me to commit to a second straight week of the same nail colors is pretty huge...

I will be getting a new box in August with some pretty interesting choices so we shall see if they move me to switch it up again. I will admit, I think I will be able to let go of Hayden a bit sooner than Courteney...I may have to select colors that will color block nicely with her because she's just too pretty to keep in a box...

It's not just the fact that she's gotten me more compliments than any other nail color I've worn, either. My favorite color is green, and it isn't easy to find a green that looks this good on the nails. The question is, will I be able to get away with wearing her in the fall?

What do you think?

Until next time,


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