Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily Distractions

This morning started terribly. Sigh. Long story short, I got caught in the rain for far longer than I cared to be and it left a chill in my bones that was only accentuated by the blasting air conditioner at work - NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING! I'd much rather be cold than hot, that's for sure...and that's what I've been aaaaall daaaaay loooong...

I've been lost all day in work and in watching (mostly listening to) season two episodes of Downton Abbey on Hulu. I'm obsessed with the British accent, the history, virtually any and everything British. I pray to visit England at least once before I die:).

I've been having difficulty thinking about what to write, but I know why. I've kind of got myself distracted by Facebook games and Youtube and Hulu videos. Currently, my favorite people to watch on Youtube are Grav3yardgirl, FleurdeForce, Leighannsays and of course, Eleventhgorgeous. When I first saw Grav3yardgirl, I was thrown off by the way she girl looked WEIRD!!!!! BUT, after listening to her talk, and watching her $20 makeup challenge video, I was HOOKED! This girl is cuh-ray-zee funny, do you hear me? She is ridiculously smart, articulate, strange, and...strange. She really is a unique creature and there is nothing else I've ever watched on Youtube that can be compared to the creature who calls herself Bunny. She's even made my husband, who can make the world laugh, but rarely can be made to laugh himself, bust out in laughter within 60 seconds of watching her! Love, love, love Bunny! LOL!

I am starting to get bored of the two games I play, but one still has a tendency to keep me reeled in for longer periods of time than is healthy for an adult human being to spend playing games. I feel like it's time for me to let that part of my life go but habit still has me a little stuck. I've been playing one game or another nearly religiously since February of 2009.

My first game "love" was Superpoke Pets (SPP for short). I've never been as addicted to a game as I was to SPP. However, as of March 2012, the game was discontinued. They'd announced that they were going away I think nearly a year before they officially shut down, and since the announcement, I found myself less and less interested or committed every day. By the time it was shut down, I was nearly "over" it, but to be honest, I still miss the way the game used to be before the planned and then eventual shut-down...sigh...

About a month or so after it shut down, I discovered Pet City. I like it. It's cuter and in many, many ways, much more advanced and all-around better than SPP, but it isn't as "simple" as SPP was. I will admit that I think my Pet City pet is a hundred times cuter than my SPP ever was, but still...I'm starting to get less and less interested in the game every day. Again, through no fault of the awesome game itself, I really just feel like I need to be doing something else...something more meaningful with my spare time...

I also discovered the Sims Social on Facebook, funnily enough, at the recommendation of my husband. He knew I was bummed about SPP shutting down and thought I'd enjoy playing the Sims Social as a replacement. Even he played it for a while, but with the slowness of the game and the ever-present glitchiness, he stopped. I didn't. That game is "the devil" I tell you. I really shouldn't play it at all. It really is terribly glitchy and it's impossible to report an issue and they're constantly finding ways to make it impossible to complete quests unless you spend real money, which, though I did spend quite of bit of real money in the beginning, I REFUSE to do any longer. It's one thing to advertise to, and encourage your players to support the game by spending real money on virtual items, but it's quite another to make your players feel like they HAVE to do it if they have even a fraction of a chance in completing one "quest" or another. To top it off, to expect people to spend real money on a game that makes it virtually impossible to report an issue, and even if/when you do, impossible to receive a response let alone a fix, is just plain ridiculous.

About a year ago, I started watching videos on Youtube called "What's in my bag." I don't even know what got me started on those to be honest, but I just adored them. It is through those videos, unfortunately (or luckily depending on how you look at it) that my handbag content has greatly increased. From bandaids to aspirin to mini lovely-scented hand sanitizers and more, my bag is pretty darn stuffed. I think my single favorite "What's in my bag" video was done by the girls of Eleventhgorgeous. It was the first video I'd ever seen of theirs, and they did the whole thing in cute country accents. I actually thought they WERE country. When I watched other videos of theirs, I was confused and a little disappointed because their accents were gone - they sounded so adorable! - but I found much more to adore about them, so I subscribed:).

One thing I noticed about those "What's in my bag" videos is that most of the women had a bunch of junk just randomly thrown in there. How in the world do they ever find anything? I used to be one of those women, I suppose, until I discovered one of the most amazing inventions ever made: the purse organizer. There are tons of different types out there, but my top two favorites are called Chameleon and Pursfection. The Chameleon USED to be my one and only favorite, however, though the extra large tall narrow organizer had the most perfect pocket placement to suit my specific needs, the organizer lacked structure and the material was too flimsy and frayed too easily to justify the price point. My favorite to use right now is the Pursfection 23-pocket organizer. It's big enough to hold all my junk and because most of my bags are so huge, it fits in most all of the ones I bother to carry on a daily basis. It is also plenty-structured, which I need, because most of my bags are mushy. No woman on earth should ever have to struggle with finding junk in her bag when there are so many organizational options out there. And switching out bags, which I LOVE to do, is soooooo easy!!!

Look at me sounding like a commercial over here! LOL! I think I've written enough for tonight. I pray that you are all well, hydrated, cool and healthy!

Until next time,



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