Sunday, November 11, 2012

Being Extra Grateful...Day 11: Peace

Today, Dear God, I am thankful for PEACE!!!!

My son's girlfriend, Ewurabena, as well as her sister, Ewurama, came to church today and were very warmly welcomed. After church, we all came to my home to play a game called Hedbanz and to eat the absolutely positively delicious chili and cornbread that my husband made last night.

OMG that chili was SO good...

I love that there is no strife in our family, that we all get along with each other, and that we are able to welcome two people over and laugh and be silly and feel absolutely comfortable with them. They are two incredibly funny and personable young ladies.

I also introduced the girls to my massive nail polish collection. I didn't expect that they would immediately remove the adorable nail polish colors they already had on their nails to wear some of the colors I showed them. But, to see how they looked at the bottles of polish with wide eyes, and then immediately ask for cotton balls, made me smile outwardly as well as in my spirit. It may seem silly to say or feel this, but it made me truly happy to see how comfortable they were to jump right in and paint away. I sat there very happily watching my daughter, my son's girlfriend and her sister rifle through my polishes and paint all of their nails - as my son napped on the living room couch! :)

We don't usually have company over but today's visit made me want to have company over more often. 

Today was a truly lovely, PEACEFUL day!

Until next time,



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  1. This post made me smile. I love that you were able to interact with them, have a good time and connect with them in a way that only you could! You're nail collection is massive and who wouldn't want to dive into their own personal "salon". Sounds like a lovely day!