Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Extra Grateful...Day 19: Wisdom

Today, dear God, I THANK YOU for Wisdom, in present situations and in situations to come.

I'm in need of wisdom today to help me with a situation that has come to my attention recently. It's tough when someone you love is an expert manipulator. It's even tougher when you find out that this level of expertise is present in your own young children.

How do you defend and guide children whose behavior humiliates you as a parent? When they can look you in your face, smile, hug you, tell you they love you when the whole time they're taking you for a fool?

I find that the smarter the child is, the better they are at lying, manipulating, and getting away with ungodly behavior.

Well, I guess this is payback time for me. I, too, was a smart child and because of situations going on at home that I had to keep secret, I became a fantastic actress. Lying became as much a part of my lifestyle as was breathing, sleeping. Plus, I'm a girl - and everyone knows that females make the best liars.

Please pray for me as I figure out how to proceed with my latest findings. I desperately need it...

Until next time,

XOXOXO - Jessika

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  1. I'm sorry that you are dealing with teenage ways with the kids, lord knows I understand and have been struggling with it for a whole now, If there is anything I can do to help, I'm hear for you. Love you xo