Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being Extra Grateful...Day 28: Revelation Part 2 - THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!


I had to cut my entry short yesterday because I got busy at work. By the time I remembered that it wasn't finished or posted, I was ready for bed, lights out and everything. So, I posted part of it from my phone using the Blogger app.

People think that Believers follow the Bible and believe all that it says merely because it's in writing. As though we are mindless and spiritless beings that believe something just because we're "supposed to." It's simply not true. In my personal experience, I found myself feeling differently about things I used to feel, believe, see, do and say long before I found information in the bible supporting my feelings. You see, unless the Holy Spirit is actually IN you, you won't be able to discern the truth about how GOD feels regarding ANY situation. This is why a nonbeliever is so incapable of grasping - or even WANTING to grasp - the Gospel.

As a kid and teenager, I did a LOT of things that went unnoticed by my parents. I can't recall a time when I've ever been "caught" doing something I wasn't supposed to do and subsequently "punished" for it. When any form of "punishment" was ever delivered in our household, it was due more to the alcoholic content in a parent's blood than to anything I actually did wrong.

In my household, as an adult, however, strange things started happening AFTER I became saved...

God started to continuously reveal to me (and to my husband now, too) so much dirt about the kids that I'm sure they thought they'd never get caught doing. As many times as they've been caught and punished, I truly do wonder how or why they continue to do what they do. In all of my years on this planet, I had NEVER heard of or seen any family who has had such FREQUENT occurrences of their kids getting caught doing something they weren't supposed to do like ours has...

And the ways we find out are so random! We don't go snooping behind our kids all day every day, you know? One of us will come home early and find the kids doing something they were specifically told not to do; or we'd get the urge to pick up the house phone and find one of the kids having a less than godly conversation; or we'd find a letter or email or other type of evidence of their disobedience just laying around the house. It's really crazy.

I'm also finding that God will reveal to me new information about people or relationships that I'd never picked up on before. People I used to think I needed to stay away from, God would reveal I needed to get closer to instead. People who I used to think I needed to be close to in my life, God would reveal to me were insincere or toxic and needed to be loved from a distance. Even before my husband and I got together, the way God would help me decipher if the guy hitting on me was worth considering was uncanny. It was so immediate, so easy. My "type" of guy was completely changed. The "game" I used to fall for before Christ was so YUCK to me after Christ...amazing...

Salvation is not just a gift to me - though a gift, it also is, indeed - it's a TOOL. I NEEDED this salvation to help me become a better parent, a better human being. I NEED the Holy Spirit to live inside of me so that I can correct MYSELF when I'm doing something wrong, and to be able to recognize when something or someone is wrong FOR me and/or my family. He is my very own internal Truth Machine.

I'm not saying that I can easily tell when someone is lying to me or not. I'm still human, still very much affected by my emotions and preconceived notions a lot of times. But, for the things that TRULY MATTER in life, I know I have an Internal Guide Who will help me find my way, and give me the strength to respond to each situation accordingly...


Until next time,

XOXOXO - Jessika

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