Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being Extra Grateful...Day 8: Laughter

Dear God,

Today, I thank You with all my heart and soul for my ability to laugh - even in my SLEEP!

Last night I had a dream that I was entering a room where my husband and several other people were there sitting at tables, eating. When I walked into the room and looked at Jason, he made the funniest face that made me laugh so hard that I had to sit down - on the floor.

There's nothing extraordinary about this dream, but it made me appreciate my ability to laugh today. How interesting that I've never actually thought about my ability to laugh so easily as a blessing. In fact, lately I've been looking at, and with great resentment, the ever-deepening laugh lines on my face. One of them is deeper than the other for some reason. Stupid laugh lines!

My husband is a natural source of laughter. It's clear to me that he got an extra special ingredient added to his soul when God created him. I love that he's so funny, but, sometimes I hate it because he tends to make me laugh my hardest, most embarrassing and nearly life-threatening laughs when we're in PUBLIC!!! There's no controlling it!!!

Ya see, I'm not a normal laugher. Where there is true laughter there are tears, extreme facial redness, table smacking at times and child-like squeals that for some reason my husband finds endearing if not amusing, but that I know bugs the heck out of people who are trying to enjoy their meals or whatever other activities in various places.

I don't like my laugh, but most of the few people who love or like me do, and without question, my husband loves it the most. Maybe. I say maybe because I know that my sis loves my laugh, too, and she's the only one who has verbalized it with enough frequency for me to know she most definitely means it!

My husband once told me that sometimes I surprise him with the intensity of my laughter, because it belts out of me as though a button on my body has been pushed. There's no giggling that works up to chuckling that works up to slightly loud laughter that then works up to the spectacle that is "Jessika VERY Highly Amused." It's zero to crying-reddening-table-slapping-practically-convulsing in two seconds flat if not less:). Of course it's not like that ALL the time. I have a chuckle, a giggle, etc. But for some reason, my husband likes to be EXTRA funny when we're OUT! UGH!!! I love him so much:).

My mom says she's proud of her laugh lines. I thought I was, too...I'm not "there" yet, but I'm WORKIN' ON IT! :) I shall concentrate more and more on why they are there, however, and thank GOD again and again that this world, the people in it, and the things that have happened to me were never able to steal my joy - AMEN!

Until next time,



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